The X-RoVision MixTape; Videojournalism by Musicians in Action

I always say this is a great time in music, because everything's wrong. It's forcing truly creative people and artists to get their weight up and use more than a corner of their brains to make things happen.

My man X-ro has executed this concept beautifully with his video-journalistic mixtape series "X-RoVisions", which chronicles not only the independent movement in Los Angeles (I even make a few appearances in there), but it's all soundtracked by his music. Here, we can not only vibe out to his hypnotic music, but also get informed along the way, and maybe pick up on some other artists we may have not known about before. That's a Good Look. Speaking of which, I'm a little jealous that he kind of beat me to the punch with the video journalism thing, because that's EXACTLY where the Good Look Monthly Newsletter is going next (nudge, hint). Great minds think alike...

For those who don't know, X-Ro, (or "Ro" as we call him), is the founder of The VJC, my music fraternity...and he is also a member of The Milky Way, The VJC's new band.

So pull up a chair and take your time with this one, it's about 20 minutes long..take it in chunks if you need to, but take it all in. There are some dope jewels in there, including some videos from one of my favorite artists, Two B.

X-RoVision MixTape DvD from Jesse Pinkney on Vimeo.

Clips I have produced or edited in the past with the help of the following artists. Ras G, Two B, Freddie Harris, Pac Div, SumKid, X-Ro, Chula Vista Skate Park, and Mind Frame. Enjoy some underground in X-RoVision. Produced and edited by: Jesse "X-RoVision" Pinkney. For more info contact: JPINK3@GMAIL.COM