Introducing THE NOBODY HOLE : A Halloween Hip-Hop Opera

On October 31st, 2008, The Good Look will make it's first official release..... a limited edition of The Nobody Hole. In celebration of the release and the video contest that's going along with it, we've posted the entire album here (courtesy of ReverbNation's widget muscle) for your listening pleasure. What's The Nobody Hole, you ask? Why it's a dark Halloween fairy tale....a hip-hop epic fantasy....some ill music....crazy visuals....and a vivid imagination, all wrapped up into one.

And it's only posted here until November 1st, and then it's for sale only... so eat it up. Enjoy!!!!
All music by Badtouch
Artwork by Doug Hoffman
Narration by Nzinga Kadalie
Story & MC'ing by Sumkid


The Creation of The Nobody Hole

“The multimedia concept album is an idea that has traditionally been better on paper than in practice. The Nobody Hole is one of the handful that manages to turn a big idea into a HUGE experience.” James Dunn, RIME Magazine

Hey everyone, this is Sum, creator of The Nobody Hole. I’m so passionate about this project, and so attached to every aspect of it, that it’s hard for me not to start gushing poetic straight from the heart about it at every turn.

In 2005, I started work on an album that was initially just going to be a series of nonrelated and spooky bedtime tales that complemented my friend Badtouch’s sometimes eerie music. Over the course of a long, dark year of writing in a Brooklyn basement, those tales evolved into one long Halloween story. That story became a wild adventure of epic proportions and an homage to the many influences on my imagination; from The Wizard of Oz, and John Carpenter’s Halloween to R.A. Salvatore’s The Dark Elf Trilogy and Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. I realized how big this project was going to be, so I took it a step beyond the musical realm and involved a few visual artist friends of mine to help bring my visions to life.

When recording was finally done in 2006, what we had built together was totally novel: an extremely visual, dark fantasy hip-hop opera called The Nobody Hole.

What is The Nobody Hole?

“As we place rare jewels in a deep setting to enhance their beauty, so nature sets man’s mind in dark surroundings, that it may better try his faith.”-The Nobody Hole, Act I

The Nobody Hole is a place where broken spirits come to heal, shattered hearts mend, dark souls find peace and the restless psyche comes to ponder. It’s definitely not Heaven, Hell or Limbo….no one in The Nobody Hole is dead, but nobody is whole. That’s why everyone in the Hole manifests as strange, partial renditions of themselves…because something is missing that they’ve yet to find. It’s here that the mournful consciousness can lament in peace, under the caring and watchful eyes of the Kings of The Nobody Hole… a long line of architects reaching as far back as Creation. It is here where our story begins and where Pygmy Paul finds out who he really is and what fate holds in store for him.

The Nobody Hole is a collection of tales and fables, woven together in one chilling and engaging tapestry of a yarn that asks “where does reality end and the imagined begin”?