The Good Look


So this is pretty much where it's gonna begin for me. I had this grandiose scheme to launch The Good Look on a whole different level, but this makes perfect sense for the time being. So since this is about my career as an artist as well as all the other talented fools I know, let's go ahead and get this crackin' with no further ado. Here's a free download of my newest song release, "Chuck Norris on Drugs", produced by BadTouch and recorded in Brooklyn, October 2007.

Chuck Norris on Drugs
(Download hosted courtesy of Domination Recordings)

And here' s a new video from the homie Malkovich for his bangin Wild Style tribute "Like A Glove" (feat. Pudgemcee & Ali Baba Abnormal),'s the lead single from his album/mixtape Sicksteens (Dir: Nzinga Kadalie):