Bucky Sweat Naked Booty Sex Dancin Chucky.

Another goodie, brought to my face by Good Look member (and future featured artist), Voice. Check her and her Featherperm label out at www.featherperm.com.

In the meanwhile, try to understand this wonderful video from Flying Lotus, which Voice dug up on Pitchfork.

"Parisian Goldfish"

Oh, and under that is a sneak preview of me and my band, The Milky Way's, first live performance at Spaceland this Sunday past. Official video of the entire show coming soon. 

Subscribers get it first though ;-)

Video courtesty of X-ro Vision.

Ernest L. Thomas Returns

For the performance of his career. The man formerly known as "Rog" from "What's Happening?" delivers a powerful performance in what might be the funniest clip I've seen in months!!!

Thanks to Good Look Member Ron Frazier for this one....WHOA!!!!